Kroepoek Waroeng - Raw Crackers

Kroepoek, a traditional Asian cracker that are typically made with flour and additional ingredients as flavorings. These crispy crackers are a staple in Asia, but they are strongly associated with Indonesia as it had many years of history which bring in the largest number of varieties.
Kroepoek can be found anywhere in Indonesia, whether it is sold by street vendors or supermarkets and they come in variety of shapes and flavors. People eat kroepoek anytime and anywhere. The savory taste of the cracker makes them suitable to be served as a complement to main meals in Indonesia. If you eat at a restaurant that serves Indonesian food, kroepoek usually always be available to accompany your meal. Besides accompanying the main course, kroepoek also can be eat as snacks, pair with a cup of coffee in the afternoon would be great. It is also a popular snack during holidays and festive season when we house guest for celebration.
Preparation of the crackers are quick and simple. Before frying, sun-dry the crackers for 1-2 hours to obtain perfect expansion. Otherwise, can pre-heat the crackers in microwave for 1-2 minutes. Then prepare a frying pan filled with cooking oil, add in the crackers and fry until the crackers expand perfectly. 
Kroepoek Waroeng Mini Rose Crackers is best enjoyed with a spicy sauce, rice, or any savory dishes. These deep-fried chips are made using onion seasoning, tapioca flour, various spices and fish oil with modern production methods, for a delicious snack that also doubles as a great appetizer!
Kroepoek Waroeng Shrimp Crackers is one of the best sellers! Made with quality ingredients like shrimps, garlic, tapioca flour and spices. It is perfect to nibble on and you will non-stop eating it. Great to enjoy with rice or just consume as it is.